Kim Jones, MS-HRM, SHRM-CP, Career Consultant.

Kim Jones is a multi-disciplinary career consultant who works with individuals, teams, and families.


Quitting a Job

When you are not motivated to show up to work each day, ask yourself, what is my biggest challenge? If your biggest challenge is finding motivation to show up for this job it may be time to quit. Motivation to show up to a job can be different for each person, however it typically includes at least 3-5 motivational reasons. Motivation shows up in, compensation, feeling of belonging, empowered culture, you like the work you are doing, you like and get along with the people you work with, and you like your boss. If you find you only have one reason to show up for a job, it may be time to look for other work.

When you start to look for other work, update your resume with all the skills and accomplishments you have made at the current job. Take a quick look at what you have accomplished and decide what can I do next with my skillset. It is also good to know what you do best as this job will take you less time, effort, and ability. Work does not have to be stressful. If you find yourself stressed while you work, you may not be doing what comes natural to you. If you find your boss is telling you what you are not doing well often, you might not be in the job best suited to your natural abilities.

To find out more on how to uncover your natural abilities, contact me and set up an appointment.

Kim Jones

Career Consultant


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